Monday, April 6, 2009

I am William Bunker and I am running for House of Representatives in Massachusetts. I am a proponent of electric vehicles and I plan to introduce legislation expanding electric mass transit. I hope to gather support and grassroots investment necessary to open a protected electric vehicle manufacturing plant in the Merrimac Valley northwest of Boston and near my district in Middlesex County. If fundraising and planning are successful I hope to help open plants in the Chesepeake Bay region, Florida, California, Houston/DFW/Austin, and Seattle/Portland area.

I encourage your organization, the Electric Auto Association, to help me assemble a budget and gather investment pledges from your constituents and the public for a public ownership of this new automotive company. Ron Paul helped raise $6 million in 24 hours. We can bring together this kind of money for such a worthy cause from investors around the country in competition against rising gas prices, corporate irresponsibility, and the international war. Gathering many small investments, limiting investment, and having a ceiling of individual ownership for this project will help protect it from large corporate attack and control. Grassroots business is a very good model and with it we can express Americans' unique intentions for our industrial production.

Please forward this idea to your constituents and consider pledging as much as you can to such a cause. I am running for State House of Representatives in Massachusetts' Middlesex District 2nd county, and I will organize and introduce legislation in support of this project for electric mass transit and investigations against corporate corruption and anti-trust anti-competitive practices against electric vehicle companies and other technologies. I will introduce legislation for Massachusetts to join California in MPG standards and vehicles-emissions requirements and with their environmental initiatives. Consider adding Massachusetts to, "this product is known by the state of California to cause cancer." My campaign website is The state is for the people.

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Original date of post: 4/6/08


More than electric cars, this must be the water powered car. Or operate using Thane Heins' electric induction engine.

Friday, April 18, 2008

We will make water powered and electric cars using the technologies of Federally repressed inventors.